We are both graphic designers and have each worked in graphic design, printing and production, illustration and project management for over 25 years. We have experience with graphic design and production, printing and project management, displays, movie props and sets, model design and building, Illustration, simple murals and backdrops.
We have designed and published over 38 book titles, most still in print, and a small sample of them can be seen on the GRAPHIC DESIGN and BOOK PUBLISHING pages of this web site. On the QUILTS page you will see a few of our pieces, which have traveled to exhibitions worldwide. Please inquire to purchased directly.
On the ILLUSTRATION page you will find some architectural drawings, car drawings, cartoons, maps and cell diagrams.
We have completed games, models and displays for many uses including safety, accessibility issues, education and teaching. You will see a few of these on the MODELS and DISPLAYS page.
On the TV SPOTS and TV SPOTS 2 pages you will see some of the television we have created participating in writing, concept, graphics, art direction and production. In all of our work we remain focused on quality, customer service and delivery on time and on budget.

Contact us with your next project and we will be glad to give you a quote.

Jim Reese

All images, drawings and video files.  copyright 2010 Brueggenjohann/Reese, Inc.